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Contents of /quickload/A_thaliana_Apr_2008/TAIR8_snRNA.bed.gz.tbi

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Revision 103 - (show annotations)
Tue Sep 10 20:20:25 2019 UTC (2 years ago) by aloraine
File MIME type: application/octet-stream
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Unable to calculate annotation data on binary file contents.
Use tabix-indexed files for TAIR8 annotations
1 BCT1JA$b'(hR +AhemB,m <*G^Bͼg4`#Q63NvSZ<\jժz{5ޯ?O6W7Y+͎‡Ͳe!I$I$I$I$I$rVS]1?;n b?f^*|o}:s){(<:՞%I\TGߋ$I$I$I$ɟ7݂:œ_]sLO-7>Q#qn>~wݬ1gu~=ggI$I$I$I\D$O$I5j0BC


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