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Thu Sep 27 13:58:58 2018 UTC (5 years, 9 months ago) by aloraine
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Add Dictyostelim discoideum (slime mold) May 2009 assembly and annotations, from DictyDB
1 <files>
2 <!-- DictyDB annotations -->
3 <file name="all.bed" title="ALL" description="All DictyDB annotations, except for EST matches. Includes everything listed below."/>
5 <file name="Sequencing_Center.bed" title="Gene predictions" description="Gene predictions for chromosome 2 provided by personal communication with the International consortium of the Dictyostelium Genome Project as described in &quot;The genome of the social amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum.&quot;" url="http://dictybase.org/db/cgi-bin/ggb/gbrowse/dictyBase/?help=citations#Predictions"/>
7 <file name="dictyBase_Curator.bed" title="Curated genes (July 2010)" description="Contains models created by dictyBase curators as of July 2010." url="http://dictybase.org/db/cgi-bin/ggb/gbrowse/dictyBase/?help=citations#Gene_Model" load_hint="Whole Sequence" label_field="id"/>
9 <file name="geneID_reprediction.bed" title="Geneid re-predictions" description="Gene repredictions performed by Daniel Schneider with assistance from Eric Just using the geneid software using a customized training set based on Dictyostelium curated models (Dec 2007)." url="http://dictybase.org/db/cgi-bin/ggb/gbrowse/dictyBase/?help=citations#Repredictions"/>
11 <file name="tRNAscan-SE_analysis.bed" title="tRNAs from tRNAscan-SE" description="tRNAs were predicted at dictyBase using the tRNAscan-SE tool." url="http://dictybase.org/db/cgi-bin/ggb/gbrowse/dictyBase/?help=citations#tRNA"/>
13 <file name="Soderbom_group.bed" title="ncRNAs" description="Non-protein-coding RNA genes predicted by the Soderbom group and distributed by DictyDB." url="http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15333696"/>
15 <file name="GenBank.bed" title="ncRNAs (Genbank)" description="Non-protein-coding RNA genes annotated in GenBank and distributed by DictyDB." url="http://dictybase.org/db/cgi-bin/ggb/gbrowse/dictyBase/?help=citations#tRNA"/>
17 </files>

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