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Describe what a Quickload site is
1 aloraine 3 <html>
2     <title>Integrated Genome Browser QuickLoad Site</title>
3     <body>
4     <h1>Welcome to IGBQuickload</h1>
5     <p>
6     Welcome Integrated Genome Browser QuickLoad.
7     </p>
8     <p>
9     Data available here are configured for visualization
10     in the <a href="https://bioviz.org">Integrated Genome Browser</a>.
11     </p>
12     <h2>About QuickLoad</h2>
13     <p>
14     A QuickLoad site is a simple system of directories, sequence and other data
15     files designed for visualization in Integrated Genome Browser. It's a convenient
16     way to share data sets with other labs and with the public. For more information,
17     see the IGB User's Guide:
18     <a href="https://wiki.transvar.org/display/igbman/Sharing+data+using+QuickLoad+sites">Sharing data using QuickLoad Sites</a>.
19     </p>
20     <p>
21     All files are version controlled in a publicly-accessible subversion repository <a href="https://svn.bioviz.org/viewvc">https://svn.bioviz.org/viewvc</a>. Contact Professor Ann Loraine for more information.
22     </p>
23     </body>
24     </html>

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