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Explain how to replicate main Quickload
1 <html>
2 <title>Integrated Genome Browser QuickLoad Site</title>
3 <body>
4 <h1>Welcome to IGB Quickload</h1>
5 <p>
6 Data available here are configured for visualization
7 in the <a href="https://bioviz.org">Integrated Genome Browser</a>.
8 </p>
9 <h2>About Quickload</h2>
10 <p>
11 A Quickload site is a simple system of directories, sequence files, and
12 annotation files formatted for visualization in Integrated Genome Browser. It's a convenient
13 way to share data sets with other labs and with the public.
14 </p>
15 <h2>About this Web site</h2>
16 <p>
17 This site is a checked-out copy of this <a href="https://svn.bioviz.org/viewvc/genomes/quickload/">subversion repository</a>.
18 </p>
19 <h2>How to replicate this Web site</h2>
20 <p>Set up a host with the Apache2 Web server. (It may work with other servers, too. We have never tested that.)</p>
21 <p>Install svn and check out the repository with a read-only user:</p>
22 <p>`svn co --username=guest co https://svn.bioviz.org/repos/genomes/quickload`</p>
23 <p>Place the checkedout-repository in your htdocs directory (DocumentRoot)</p>
24 <p>Configure your Web server to allow fancy directory listings and configurations from .htaccess files residing alongside content.</p>
25 <p>To support IGB 9.1.4 and lower, add `T_aestivum_Aug_2018.2bit` to directory `quickload/T_aestivum_Aug_2018`.</p>
26 <h2>Test it with Integrated Genome Browser</h2>
27 <p>Open Integrated Genome Browser and select <B>Preferences</B> from the <B>File</B> menu. Select the <B>Data Sources</B> tab. Add your new site as a new Quickload Data Source. The folder contain the file "contents.txt" is the Quickload root directory. See examples within IGB itself.</p>
28 <hr/>
29 </body>
30 </html>

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