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1  <html>  <html>
2  <title>Integrated Genome Browser QuickLoad Site</title>  <title>Integrated Genome Browser QuickLoad Site</title>
3  <body>  <body>
4  <h1>Welcome to IGBQuickload</h1>  <h1>Welcome to IGB Quickload Main</h1>
 Welcome Integrated Genome Browser QuickLoad.  
5  <p>  <p>
6  Data available here are configured for visualization  Data available here are configured for visualization
7  in the <a href="https://bioviz.org">Integrated Genome Browser</a>.  in the <a href="https://bioviz.org">Integrated Genome Browser</a>.
8    These data include gene annotation files and genome information for
9    many plant, animal, and microbial species.</p>
10    <p>When IGB launches, it contacts a deployed copy of Quickload Main and retrieves
11    a file "<a href="./contents.txt">contents.txt</a>" that lists all genome assemblies available for
12    display in IGB.
13  </p>  </p>
 <h2>About QuickLoad</h2>  
14  <p>  <p>
15  A QuickLoad site is a simple system of directories, sequence and other data  The data here are version-controlled using subversion, a centralized version-control system that
16  files designed for visualization in Integrated Genome Browser. It's a convenient  attaches versions to individual files and supports checking out parts of the repository. To browse
17  way to share data sets with other labs and with the public. For more information,  the subversion repository hosting these data, visit
18   see the IGB User's Guide:  <a href="https://svn.bioviz.org/viewvc/genomes/quickload">https://svn.bioviz.org/viewvc/genomes/quickload/</a>.</p>
19  <a href="https://wiki.transvar.org/display/igbman/Sharing+data+using+QuickLoad+sites">Sharing data using QuickLoad Sites</a>.  <h2>About Quickload</h2>
20    <p>
21    A Quickload site is a simple system of directories, sequence files, and
22    annotation files formatted for visualization in Integrated Genome Browser. It's a convenient
23    way to share data sets with other labs and with the public. IGB can display the contents of
24    many Quickload sites at the same time. This makes it easy to compare data across experiments.
25    This makes IGB an "integrated" genome browser.
26  </p>  </p>
27    <h2>About this site</h2>
28    <p>
29    This site is a checked-out copy of Quickload Main subversion repository, deployed in the "htdocs" directory
30    of the apache2 Web server.
31     </p>
32  <p>  <p>
33  All files are version controlled in a publicly-accessible subversion repository <a href="https://svn.bioviz.org/viewvc">https://svn.bioviz.org/viewvc</a>. Contact Professor Ann Loraine for more information.  To make the Quickload data contents easy to browse, the repository also includes styling configurations using
34    javascript and CSS.
35  </p>  </p>
37    <h2>How to get a copy</h2>
38    <p>Install svn and check out the repository with a read-only user:</p>
39    <p>`svn co --username=guest co https://svn.bioviz.org/repos/genomes/quickload`</p>
41    <h2>Test a checked-out copy in Integrated Genome Browser</h2>
42    <p>Open Integrated Genome Browser and select <B>Preferences</B> from the <B>File</B> menu. Select the <B>Data Sources</B> tab. Add the checked-out root directory as a new Quickload Data Source. The folder contain the file "contents.txt" is the Quickload root directory. See examples within IGB itself.</p>
43    <h2>Add too big 2bit files</h2>
44    <p>Some genome sequence files are so large that they are not version-controlled. One such file
45    is `T_aestivum_Aug_2018.2bit`, a wheat genome assembly sequence file. To enable IGB users to view
46    sequence data from this genome, add the file to directory `quickload/T_aestivum_Aug_2018`.</p>
47    <hr/>
48  </body>  </body>
49  </html>  </html>

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