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Add Tribolium castaneum (March 2008) red flour beetle
1 Files as follows:
2 -Scaffold_region.gff3.gz is the layout of each contig across each chromosome, as well as across the concatenated 'Unknown' chromosome. Notice that there are NO spacers between the "DS" series of contigs; there is a 10,000 N spacer between each contig of the "GG" series.
4 -T_castanum_Mar_2008.gff3 contains sequence from chromosome files (e.g. ChLG2_official_gene.gff3) plus the Unknown_official_gene.gff3.
6 -T_castaneum_Mar_2008.2bit is a 2bit sequence file converted from a file named Triboleum_genome_sequence.fasta. The additional 'Unknown' chromosome was assembled by Alyssa A. Gulledge. Unknown has each of the DS series (in sequential order) abut to each other; the transition into the GG series is also abut, but between each GG contig is 10,000bp spacer of N.

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